Vardøger was founded in Hamar, Norway 1994 by Robert Bordevik and Peter Dalbakk. The idea was to create a band with roots from the Norwegian viking heritage, which resulted in the music genre «Folk Metal» or «Viking Metal». They were later joined by Stian Kilde Aarebrot (The Crest) on bass, Tom Arne Fossheim (Wonderworld, Ken Hensley live fire, Crest of Darkness) on drums Knut Anders Sørum on keys. From 1995 to 1997 there were almost enough songs written to make an album, and the band moved in to the drummer’s for a couple of weeks to record. The result was recorded but never released, that includes a 24 minute long song which unfortunately never saw the light of day. After some live gigs during this period, Vardøger disbanded and the members went separate ways. There were several reasons for this, but mainly because the members lived on different locations. Vardøger made another effort in 2003 and re-recorded the old material from 1997 and made an EP known as White Frozen. A couple of new members had replaced the original line up at this point. However, after some live gigs, the band could not keep it together and was yet again disbanded.

It wasn’t until 2008 the original line up started writing music again with the goal of making a full length album. From the period between 2008 to 2012 the band had gone through a music genre change from Viking/Metal, to symphonic black metal and to present melodic progressive deathmetal. In 2010 Vardøger almost disbanded again and went through another line up change and was later joined by Henning Ramseth (Ram-zet, Return) on bass/keys and Johannes Baumann on drums. Guitarist Alex Dalbakk had been a member since 2006. The founding members still remains and Vardøger have now finally released their full length album called Ghost Notes (Released November 2015)

Johanne B. Bordevik: Vocals | Alexander Dalbakk: lead/guitar | Knut Anders Sørum: Vocals | Peter Dalbakk: Screams / Robert Bordevik: rhythm/lead/guitar/all background vocals/voices | Henning Ramseth: Bass/keys | Johannes Baumann: Drums
All music and lyrics written by Robert Bordevik | Keys/Synth/programming arrangement by Henning Ramseth | Mixed by Jon Anders Narum at East Lake Studio / Recorded at Studio 19 and Space Valley Studio / Mastered at Cuttingroom

AD/design/illustrations/image processing/logo by Page Black | Cover photo: Craig H. Jackson | Presentation photos: Kine Jensen

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