«To travel is to meet ourselves in the strange and the strange in ourselves»
– Wiggo Andersen, owner Temareiser Fredrikstad
Temareiser Fredrikstad is a prestigious travel agency that focuses on art, history, culture and music. Travelers can join famous Norwegian writers, journalists and cultural mediators to their favourite destinations around the world. These exceptional tour guides possess a wide range of knowledge and countless stories they wish to share with their fellow travelers.
When it was time to make their annual travel catalogue, our idea was to bring that personal touch with hand drawn portraits of all the tour guides. It was a bold move to put the portraits on the cover and not a single photo of  the destinations, but since Teamreiser Fredrikstad is such a well known concept and their assemblage of tour guides is so unique and also their biggest selling point, we took the chance. To enhance the exclusivity of the product, the cover is printed with a metallic bronze. The whole catalogue is redesigned with new typography and layout. There’s a base design through the catalogue with the tour guide and facts in a centered column, but each page has been designed thoroughly to have its own feel and to provide a dynamic reading experience.

Client: Temareiser Fredrikstad
Illustration/design/image processing: Page Black
Presentation photos: Kine Jensen

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