Livid Jeans is a small manufacturing company from Norway, created from a simple love & passion for superior quality and true craftsmanship. Dedicated to honor old traditions in making jeans, and inspired by a time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.
Dundas Footwear is a Norwegian company which produce high quality footwear and utilize the knowledge and experience in the traditional craftmaship that still exists in Europe. Their Type 01 boots are bench-made in Northern England. The Dundas clan name was chosen because it’s one of the founders (Liam) old family name; it also represents a long history under the clan motto «Essayes» or «Try».
Due to their common passion for quality materials, handmade goods and durability, Livid and Dundas have now joined forces and made a limited edition of 24 boots and 24 jeans – all numbered. The jeans have details from the boots like the Dundas tartan in the lining, the boots have the same thread as the jeans.
The Livid & Dundas Collaboration logo is handdrawn to highlight the artisanal quality that these two companies stand for; the greeting fists represent their comradeship.
Quality & passion never go out of style – support your local manufacturer!
Logo illustration/design/image processing: Page Black
Photos: Kine Jensen

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