Quintano and Ghost
- bringing passion back to publishing - 

Quintano Publishing and Ghost - by Quintano was founded by Kristina Quintano in the early spring of 2015. After many years of working in some of Norway’s larger publishing houses, Quintano wanted to create a publishing house which stood out from the myriad of existing publishers in Norway, a publishing house where every writer and every genre was welcome.
Quintano Publishing is the conventional part of the publishing house, where they wished to focus on fiction and non-fiction for a larger market. The first book, a crime fiction novel, went straight into the lists of Narvesen, and was distributed in over 600 outlets across Norway. At the same time, it was broadcasted as a major radio play starring some of Norway’s most famous actors.
Ghost - by Quintano is an option for those who would otherwise use a «print on demand service» or «self-publishing». Here it is possible to pay for the services needed to make the book as good as it can get, and ensure the quality it deserves before publishing. The same editors, designers, printers, etc. work for both Quintano Publishing and Ghost – by Quintano.
As the founder herself is of both Maltese and Norwegian origin, it was natural to bring together these two things that defined her identity and profile. Kristina herself was very clear from the beginning that she wanted to use the Maltese cross in a soft and aesthetic way, symbolizing that the two publishing houses were closely tied together.
Logo design/AD/Ill/Photo/Design: Page Black

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