Næringshagen Østfold is an innovation and development company that works for growth and innovation in businesses in Østfold county, Norway. They work with companies in order to succeed with development in products or services, as well as make workplace changes for efficiency and productivity.

They are pathfinders for their customers: strategically finding new markets, identifying profitable ways to go, put different companies and business people in collaboration with each other, offer a large and broad network – all this while offering consulting services. These are highly competent people who are experienced in developing both businesses or products themselves, and within the defined area of Østfold, they have also developed expertise on all business types since 2003.

Therefore, it's so exciting that they now have been in process of reprofiling and changing themselves. We are the proud pathfinders now, and we enjoyed searching and finding their brand new visual profile.

Letterpress and photos: Presserommet

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