Dundas Footwear is a Norwegian manufacturer of high quality all-leather boots with one foot deeply planted in traditional bootmaking. Their main model «Type 01» is constructed by using brass screws to mount the triple leather sole to the inner sole, which make the boots very sturdy, but also quite unique. 

The problem is that the construction is hidden and therefore hard to explain to the average customer.
Page Black was asked to illustrate not only the inner workings of the Type 01, but also to tell the story of a time-tested construction method and old school craftmanship, all in a single drawing. The drawing had to be layered to accomodate changes in the design and at the same time illustrate the iconic shape of the boot - even when printed on a limited space, for example a hangtag or shoebox.
The guys behind Dundas Footwear are Liam Edward Rhode-Hære, Helge Mamen and Christian Rom.
Dundas has been featured in magazines like Monocle, A New Type of Imprint and D2.

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