Newly established Øst Kaffekompani, is the only coffee roastery in Østfold county in Norway, but also the first to produce and introduce a sparkling cold brew coffee beverage on the Norwegian market. A visual identity, design and packaging on their hand made quality assortment is what we present here.

Cheers to new experiences! Cold brew coffee is the fastest growing product in coffee beverages, and coffee lovers are always on the prowl for new experiences. Because this process has no use of heat, only cold water and time, let us show you how Page Black introduced a «little heat» in the carbonated cold brew process:
Øst Cold Brew Coffee: Original
Øst Cold Brew Coffee: Ginger & Lime
Øst Cold Brew Coffee: Passion & Lemon
The heat is already a natural «ingredient» in these roasted green bean products. So, it had to be all «bear power» on these coffee products. With that said, the guys behind Øst Kaffekompani started out brewing beer at the brewery Nøisom. The «bear power» was ment to be.

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